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Back to Nature!

  Tall Trees, Deep Water Native American Medicine Song Video   Hello lovely people, How are you? This week has given me lots of time to go out walking :)  Me and baby Rafael have taken to the local hills and beaches of Corfu, and as always it has been just so magical to witness all the beauty in nature.   To observe the beauty of nature is to observe the interconnectedness of Life. 'Out there' nothing exists in isolation, and every tree, plant, animal and insect is part of an incredible web of life, supporting life. Everything has its place as a part of the whole. It is a wonderful reminder that we too are part of that whole!  Yesterday also marked the Hindu festival of Diwali- a festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness.  We did a little private kirtan here at Mandala and I am sending out a prayer that the light within all of us reaches its highest and brightest potential :) So, see this weeks yoga, mantra and meditation calendar below all the sessions are themed
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The Big Picture...

Hello lovely people,   How are you? So... Another week on planet earth!   Another full palate of experiences for us all to dive in to and learn from :)  This week I have observed the benefits that arise when I tune in to the big picture.  I notice that when I get caught in the details and the nitty-gritty of things that sometimes things can feel a little tough... a little edgy. But when I take a moment to breathe, to reflect, and to widen my focus to include the big picture that everything seems to find its place. That events feel softer, easier to flow with and ultimately it becomes easier to find my joy :)  This week  I would like to share with you a  yoga, meditation and mantra calendar  to encourage a feeling of expansion.  Including a  brand NEW VIDEO: 'Who am I?'  meditation practice. Click on the links below: Day 1: Who am I meditation  (13 mins) Day 2:  5 Tibetan Rites Yoga Practice  (12 min) Day 3: Yoga For Surrender  (7 min) Day 4: Shivohum Mantra  (5 min) Day 5: Yoga

Feel Steady & Grounded

  Hello lovely people, How are you? I hope this message finds you well and happy as the season keeps turning more and more autumnal and the moon once again grows full.  There are 2 little missions I would love to accomplish in this post! 1. A wee update... 2. This weeks 7 Day Steady & Grounded Yoga Calander... 1. In my little world there have been many ups and downs this week-  lots of things are changing, lots more uncertainty is once again knocking at the door and a few pieces of really shocking news have rumbled through my personal world.  But through it all there is a part of me that feels really, almost strangely OK. Behind the waves of emotions lies is an underlying strength and steadiness that I am sure I owe to my practice.  It is so important to be true to our emotions and to give them space. To make hard decisions and face the consequences. To have the compassion to sit with the suffering of oneself and others. ...But it is also important to remember that we each have the

Going within

  Hello beautiful soul,          How are you?      It has been longer then I wanted since my last little message and video. Life with my now 10-month-old baby is very full- All my other passions are having to fit in around the edges of him!     In my past I have been a real do-er! I don't know about you, but for me accomplishing things can sometimes be very easy.  It is easy to fill the day with activity, easy to distract myself, easy to keep working and going and filling the day, without truly stopping to question what is the real purpose of all the activity.    It has been my practice all these years to learn the patience and presence to sit with the nothingness (and everything-ness) within. I think for most people this is very challenging.     I love yoga and mantras as for me these methods provide an enjoyable way (most of the time!) to begin to tread the invisible, and yet highly important path within.    The first layer of the path is often the mind-stuff. The settling of the

How to Practice Contentment...

Free Yin Yoga Video HERE   Hello lovely people,      Today is a new day!  Each morning that we are blessed enough to wake up here on planet earth we are given a fresh start. This gives us a chance to focus on not only what we want to do with the day but also how we want to be  in this day.   The to-do list can be easily written. Think about everything you really desire and then find ways to take steps however big or small towards those changes.    The to-be list is all to often forgotten.  While you are doing what you are doing, are you doing it with grace and ease...or with pressure and stress? Are you enjoying the journey... or are you missing the juicy-ness hidden in each moment? Are you practising contentment - or are you hoping it will arrive after you have accomplished all the things you want? (....This never happens by the way!) Santosha is a Sanskrit word that roughly translates as contentment. It is the second of the Niyamas - (A system of spiritual suggestions outlined by th

Time to reconnect...

  Here is a link to my latest free Mantra Video:  Radha Ramana Haribol    Hello Beautiful People,  It's good to be back!  I don't know about you but for me, life at the moment feels very full once again :)  Having an 8-month-old baby is always going to be lots of work I suppose... but even aside from this the summer atmosphere is in full swing, many people surround me and many possible creative projects beckon.  I am learning to surrender my expectations and enjoy the ride - and I am also learning to prioritise: This means saying yes to the things that really matter and to say no to the things that simply do not fit on my plate at the moment. I struggle with this one, at any point in time there are around 4000 things I would love to do! But my baby is teaching me that improving the quality of my life can happen when I reduce the quantity of things that I do and simply focus on what matters- with my whole heart and soul.     For me yoga and mantras matter.  Here is a link to m

Inviting More Lightness!

Hello lovely people,    It has been a while since I last published anything so I am very happy to be back in the game this Free Yoga Friday! Today I am happy to share a short crow pose sequence shot on the beach with the help of wonderful friend- Tim.   This week has got me thinking around a few questions and is bringing me many amazing insights :)  I've been reflecting upon how I prioritise my time... and observing that when I don't prioritise my time then other people and situations do this for me! You may wish to have a little reflection yourself!  Where is your time going at the moment? Did you decide this consciously or did it just happen this way?!  Is there anything that is a real priority for you, that you can re-dedicate yourself to?       I've also been reflecting on what exactly does one need to take seriously in ones life?       What happens if one chooses to take situations  a little more lightly and playfully? Things have been