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31 Day Yoga Challenge :)

    Hi << Test First Name >>, How are you? Welcome to the new year! This message is the first of 4 weekly messages to  encourage and support  you in your practice. Several years ago I started a YouTube channel with the intension of sharing yoga, mantras and meditation with people like you!  I kicked things off by creating  The Morning Ten - A 31 Day Yoga Challenge  where we practice 10 mins of yoga a day for an entire month. I have loved seeing the beauty that can arise when we share our gifts and practice together.  This year I share with you an  updated version  of The Morning Ten- included in this are some new videos and also occasional mantra and meditation videos as a reminder that yoga is much more than just a physical practice (although the physical benefits are indeed amazing!).  See below for this week's links: Day 1: Dream Day 2: Fee
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Morning Ten Week 3: Flow with it :)

  Hi lovely people :)  How are you? Welcome to week 3 of The Morning Ten- your invitation to practice 31 days of yoga (including meditation and mantras)... even if that simply means practising for just 10 minutes a day :)  This week the invitation is to go with the flow :) To enjoy a balance of quick, supportive practices ranging from restorative yoga to self-inquiry meditation, and to carve out (if possible) a little bitof space to reflect upon what is flowing for you?  What feels natural, nourishing and beneficial for you? What does not feel in your flow right now? Is there anywhere in your life that you are pushing or trying a little too hard? Is there any more room to let go into flow? For me I'm aiming to  keep simplifying things, and to surrender to the few essential important things that really fill my heart :)  See below for this week's links and bottom of email for this week's mantra lovestream details... Day 1: Restorative Yoga

31 Day Yoga Challenge week 2 :)

  Hello lovely being :)  How are you? Welcome to week 2 of The Morning Ten- your invitation to practice 31 days of yoga (including meditation and mantras)... even if that simply means practising for just 10 minutes a day :)  Within myself I am still feeling very much in a post x-mas cloud! It feels hard to find the time and the motivation to accomplish very much in these days... but it is like that sometimes isn't it?!  Younger versions of me would probably have tried to 'push through it', but this time I am attempting a different strategy- to breathe into it, to practice self-compassion, to take all non-essentials off my plate and ride out this phase knowing that another one will start when the time is right.  It is such a profound thing to be able to accept things as they are and to take many slow deep breaths. So if you have been keeping up with the challenge so far then well done! And if you have not then that is also just fine :) Dip into the sessions below if/when you

The Yoga of Togetherness...

  Video link here: Hello Lovely People, For me there has always been something magical about the new year.  I love the feeling of a fresh start to create all the new visions and dreams that one has been holding within, and the chance to plant new seeds of growth and change. Of course we have no idea what this particular new year will bring so I complete this year sharing the picture above of these adorable babies (not mine!!) reminding me that life can be more meaningful and more enjoyable when we share it together.  I have had the pleasure of sharing some time with friends creating a new platform for inspiring content called: The Nectar Collective- the first topic of our content was 'Togetherness'- What a ride this theme took us on! There were moments of great closeness and also many illustrations of all the ways we are not yet together... all against the backdrop of the present world situation and the moments of physical and psychological separa

Riding the wave!

   Hello lovely people, How are you? I write this riding the wave :) What a year this 2020 has been!  Who would have seen all  this  happening?! This message mainly  includes 3 simple things: 1. A quick update about life, Corfu retreats, and private sessions with Sacha 2. A new free mantra video link: 3. An invite to a charity mantra lovestream :)  1. Christmas has come out of nowhere for me this year :) And so the festive season is taking in a whole new meaning- bringing lots to surrender to, lots to grow into and  lots to be thankful for.  The one thing that has seemed important over and over again this year has been compassion, My main practice has been to keep finding ways to bring  love and compassion  to myself and those whose lives cross mine in the hopes that we may all be somewhat cushioned trough the myriad ups and downs of life- by the only thing that has the capacity to make everything better- love. A Love we can find within ourselves.  A Love

Back to Nature!

  Tall Trees, Deep Water Native American Medicine Song Video   Hello lovely people, How are you? This week has given me lots of time to go out walking :)  Me and baby Rafael have taken to the local hills and beaches of Corfu, and as always it has been just so magical to witness all the beauty in nature.   To observe the beauty of nature is to observe the interconnectedness of Life. 'Out there' nothing exists in isolation, and every tree, plant, animal and insect is part of an incredible web of life, supporting life. Everything has its place as a part of the whole. It is a wonderful reminder that we too are part of that whole!  Yesterday also marked the Hindu festival of Diwali- a festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness.  We did a little private kirtan here at Mandala and I am sending out a prayer that the light within all of us reaches its highest and brightest potential :) So, see this weeks yoga, mantra and meditation calendar below all the sessions are themed

The Big Picture...

Hello lovely people,   How are you? So... Another week on planet earth!   Another full palate of experiences for us all to dive in to and learn from :)  This week I have observed the benefits that arise when I tune in to the big picture.  I notice that when I get caught in the details and the nitty-gritty of things that sometimes things can feel a little tough... a little edgy. But when I take a moment to breathe, to reflect, and to widen my focus to include the big picture that everything seems to find its place. That events feel softer, easier to flow with and ultimately it becomes easier to find my joy :)  This week  I would like to share with you a  yoga, meditation and mantra calendar  to encourage a feeling of expansion.  Including a  brand NEW VIDEO: 'Who am I?'  meditation practice. Click on the links below: Day 1: Who am I meditation  (13 mins) Day 2:  5 Tibetan Rites Yoga Practice  (12 min) Day 3: Yoga For Surrender  (7 min) Day 4: Shivohum Mantra  (5 min) Day 5: Yoga