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Love , Love, Love!

Today's FREE video is a short mantra practice:  Ahum Prema   I Am Divine Love  Image Source  Hello Beautiful Soul,    How are you today?     I write to you today with a full heart :) Yes, times have been rather crazy. Yes, the shockwaves of everything we have been going through are still a-rumbling through us all. But yes, the world is still a beautiful place despite all of its many challenges and imperfections.   I am really feeling how the simple things make all the difference. If we make the intension we can relish the beauty of the tree outside the window, the comfort of our pets, the cup of tea in our hands and empower this gratitude in our hearts to uplift us.  We can remember all the things that are good in our lives, give thanks for these myriad blessings that are often an overlooked part of the day and acknowledge the boundaryless love that unites us to each other; brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons and friends.     This week I feel h

Remeber who you are!

Sunset Image Pixabay   This weeks Free Mantra Video HERE Hello beautiful soul,     How are you today?      So the story goes on. The massive uncertainty continues and just when we think we have a handle on what's what, then it changes all over again!     I write this today bringing a reminder (to myself as much as to you!) to breathe deep. To keep your heart open and to remember who you are .     Life will always provide us with challenges- with wanted and unwanted change but the invitation is always to use it as grist for the mill- To use each new challenge to remove that which you aren't so that you might experience that which you are.   Yoga teaches us that underneath the stress, the struggles and the stories there is a part of you watching it all unfold- this is often referred to as 'the witness'.     Within all the main schools of Eastern philosophy, much attention is given to this witness.  We can observe many activities arising f

Finding Ways to Relax

(Picture taken at Avlaki Beach - Corfu) Latest yoga video- a yin yoga practice to help you de-stress:   15 min Yin Yoga Melt Hello Beautiful Soul,           How are you today?              For me this week has brought with it a gentler flow- Here on beautiful Corfu Island, the lockdown is beginning to lift, bringing with it chances to explore new beaches, get out into the warm, stunning nature, and to reconnect with friends.  What a huge relief this is- Words cannot express my gratitude that I am able to enjoy this!  A wonderful online sharing circle with another group of friends brought me windows into many other peoples realities.  This is such a full time right now and all the emotions possible seem to be playing out. Love, Gratitude, Grief, Boredom, Confusion, Overwhelm, Humour, Compassion and so many other emotional states seem to be in and around us all at the moment. I hope that you are finding your way through it all in a way that is bringing you growth and tru

Acceptance, Compassion and Humility :)

This week's video: Yin Yoga Chill  HERE! Hi there!   How are you today?    What has this week brought you?    Are you doing well... or toughing it out?     What a combination of experiences life can bring!  For me this week has brought a mixture of beauty, reflection, harmony, dissonance, relaxation and anxiety. It has felt very full! All the richness of life has been here with all the 'ahhhs' and all the 'ouch's' :)   I once again reflect upon the importance of acceptance. Acceptance of the external things that happen to us-  both good and bad. And also acceptance of ourselves both good and bad, just the way we are, right now. This can be a tough one as the temptation is there to always be 'moving things forward' and yet, of course, this can never happen from any place but where one is right now!   Another re-occurring theme is compassion. The importance of wishing well for others, taking the time to understand the ma