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Uodate, Lovestream on Monday & Pregnancy Yoga Course Coming Soon! :)


Hello beautiful person,

    How are you? 

I apologise that I haven't been in touch very often recently!
It feels (at least for me and many people around me) that life is still very intense. For myself I become more pregnant by the day and as I get a little slower and less agile each day, my almost-2-year-old son gets a little bit faster and more agile! 

    There seems to be soo much to plan, do, wrap up and work on and not enough hours in the day to keep it all together... But through it all is also soo much beauty, soo much surrender, soo many lessons and opportunities to rest in what is. 

As ever, my yoga, meditation and mantra practices are carrying me through and the time I carve out to do these things gives me soo much and always of deep benefit. I hope you are finding the time to take care of yourself: Don't forget that there are tons of free yoga classes, meditations and mantras over  at The Yoga With Sacha Youtube Channel

One thing I am also very excited to share is that I have started collaborating with my life-long friend (...sister really), who happens to be an incredible Midwife, empowerer of natural birth and a pregnancy yoga teacher- her name is Sophia Ortiz and we are creating a juicy Pregnancy Yoga Course- we are presently editing the videos and adding meditations, mantras and helpful micro-teachings and interviews to give a well rounded set of practices and info to support mamas to be through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I don't know when we will be complete! - Hopefully soon, and of course I will share with you when it is ready :) 

I am also very happy to be singing online for you again- please come if you are free :) 

Mantra Lovestream Mon 6th December 8pm-9pm greek time / 6-7uk time

  See link below... and if it appeals to enough people I might do an extra little zoom circle where we can sing a bonus mantra and have a mini circle to share who we are and how we are doing after our singing together- message me if this is interesting to you!

Insight timer is wonderful but it takes 50% of any donations received through their platform so if you feel to give then I would be soo grateful and happy to receive via 
(Huge thanks to my regular Patrons- having your regular support has made a huge difference to our life this year)
(And thanks to anyone who donates for love streams- it means the world to me and my family, and really every penny counts at the moment!!)

Feel free to share the Lovestream link with anyone you think might benefit, be well and take care of yourself.

xx Sacha 

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