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Yoga for Self Love

Hello Beautiful People,        How are you?         This week Ben (my husband) has been super busy doing renovations on our house while I've been busy looking after little Rafael 24/7.    Its got me thinking alot about the concept of (and reality of) identity. At the moment I can literally feel my identity shifting day by day, as each day brings new challenges and skills relating to motherhood and all the while the penny is really starting to drop that I can only hold down a minimal percentage  of the things that I used to do.      In yogic philosophy - especially Advaita philosophy the question 'who am I?' comes up a lot. The great sage Ramana Maharshi taught that enquiring into the true nature of the self was the fastest route to enlightenment. He believed that when we seek to find the unchanging part of ourselves we find that neither our body, our minds, our emotions or the many roles we play truly define us. That within each of us there is only one core thing th

Open Heart

Hello Beautiful People :)    How are you?     Today is a special day for me ...well I suppose every day is a special day (!!) ...,but today is a little more special as it marks 10 weeks since little Rafael was born.   I write this feeling soo many feelings as there has been so much to learn and integrate since he came along. Every day is full of oh-so many inspiring moments and oh- so many mundane ones where time seems to slow down and speed up simultaneously and my limitations come crashing in to my awareness! Yoga is a huge part of what is keeping me sane(ish) at the moment and there seems to be many  a wonderful reminder to try my best, surrender,  and breathe.    Today is also special because it is my first attempt at releasing a new yoga video since the little one came along. Today I share with you  a 45 minute Heart Opening session, including footage taken during my most recent live class. I hope you enjoy it and I would be interested to