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Loving Compassion :)

        Hello beautiful people :) Today I would like to share a meditation I have practiced many, many times over the years. I learned it a long time ago at the London Buddhist Center and found it an incredibly effective tool for generating a sense of loving-compassion . Click link HERE for free video! Over the years I have used this meditation to radically shift my feelings about myself, people who have presented challenges to me and helped me to get a sense of connection with all living beings- not bad for a 20 min practice :) (In fact once you know it you can do an even quicker version if you need to!) I hope you enjoy it, let me know about your experience with it in the comment section, it is such a pleasure to share these tools with you. Namaste, :) s

Meditation for Grounding :)

Yoga is about so much more then the physical postures (asana). And while I love the physical health and vitality I have gained from my yoga practice the thing I love most is yoga's ability to affect my mind. Today's session is a visualisation, meditation that can be practiced on its own (in a chair or seated position), or done lying down in Shavasana (rest pose) after a yoga session. Click here for: Meditation for Grounding This Meditation is particularly good if you feel stressed, hyper, and just in need of a little grounding energy. It works with the theme of the Root Chakra (Muladhara) and can be a wonderful practice before or after other practices- or done alone for a 15 minute relaxation and re-balancing. Wrap up in something comfy and warm as body temperature often drops during meditation :) I hope you enjoy! Namaste, Sacha