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Lazy & Slow ❤️ A Live Yin Yoga Class to Rebalance & Rejuvinate... Hello love :) How are you?   I hope this message finds you well :) For me at the moment life has been super- busy. Every minute seems to be something going on. I feel very grateful as its been full of lovely things like singing mantras, teaching yoga and being with my little ones. For me life definitely has that high summer energy right now.     Summer is a particularly good time to practice yin, it helps cool us down, calm us down and keep the balance by making space for something slow, subtle, and introspective at a time when life tends to be hot, fast and outward focussed.     I hope you enjoy this session and that you have a great week,      :) Sacha  PS You can access all my exclusive courses and music at my Patreon or gain access to my new course on Insight Timer: Mantras for awakening here: