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Yin Yoga to Relax and Restore...

  New Video!!!   Yin Yoga to Relax and Restore (50 mins): Hello lovely people ,      How are you?  I am so excited to be slowly coming back to teaching since having baby Angelina. I am now teaching a  weekly live yin yoga class  and my aim is to record each session and share it with you -so today is the first in this series :)  Right now it feels like life is calling me to really make space for my priorities- the summer energy is already in full swing here on Corfu and there are so many wonderful possibilities and opportunities- I am having to be very careful to  hold space for what is really dear  to me as it is very tempting to say yes to everything and to end up too burned out to really enjoy what matters or to be  present for what is really needed.  I feel like since having my first child ( and even more so with my second one!) I have tried so hard to keep my online offerings consistent and regular - but it has been a challenge I have failed!!!  So fo