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The Yoga of Togetherness...

  Video link here: Hello Lovely People, For me there has always been something magical about the new year.  I love the feeling of a fresh start to create all the new visions and dreams that one has been holding within, and the chance to plant new seeds of growth and change. Of course we have no idea what this particular new year will bring so I complete this year sharing the picture above of these adorable babies (not mine!!) reminding me that life can be more meaningful and more enjoyable when we share it together.  I have had the pleasure of sharing some time with friends creating a new platform for inspiring content called: The Nectar Collective- the first topic of our content was 'Togetherness'- What a ride this theme took us on! There were moments of great closeness and also many illustrations of all the ways we are not yet together... all against the backdrop of the present world situation and the moments of physical and psychological separa

Riding the wave!

   Hello lovely people, How are you? I write this riding the wave :) What a year this 2020 has been!  Who would have seen all  this  happening?! This message mainly  includes 3 simple things: 1. A quick update about life, Corfu retreats, and private sessions with Sacha 2. A new free mantra video link: 3. An invite to a charity mantra lovestream :)  1. Christmas has come out of nowhere for me this year :) And so the festive season is taking in a whole new meaning- bringing lots to surrender to, lots to grow into and  lots to be thankful for.  The one thing that has seemed important over and over again this year has been compassion, My main practice has been to keep finding ways to bring  love and compassion  to myself and those whose lives cross mine in the hopes that we may all be somewhat cushioned trough the myriad ups and downs of life- by the only thing that has the capacity to make everything better- love. A Love we can find within ourselves.  A Love