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Anandamayi Ma Mantra Meditation :)

Hello beautiful people,     I write this from the uk where I am back after quite a long time away. It is lovely to be around family and friends and I'm feeling rather pampered since a) I'm over 8 months pregnant now so no one is letting me do much of anything and b) with no guests to look after, no dogs for me to look after here and no endless renovations on my plate I have a lot more free time on my hands!     I'm very much looking forward to returning to lead the Sunday Mantra singing group I started in Hampton some years ago.     In the light of this I wanted to share a classic mantra that the Hampton Love Collective has sung right since the very beginning called: Anandamayi Ma.   Free Anandamayi Ma Meditation click HERE!   This is a beautiful traditional kirtan sung call and response style to fill your life with Divine Mother energy. This one honours motherhood in all its forms and the endless love and light we receive in the form of food, light, and all t