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Riding the wave!


 Hello lovely people,

How are you?
I write this riding the wave :) What a year this 2020 has been! 
Who would have seen all this happening?!

This message mainly  includes 3 simple things:
1. A quick update about life, Corfu retreats, and private sessions with Sacha
2. A new free mantra video link:
3. An invite to a charity mantra lovestream :) 

1. Christmas has come out of nowhere for me this year :) And so the festive season is taking in a whole new meaning- bringing lots to surrender to, lots to grow into and lots to be thankful for. 

The one thing that has seemed important over and over again this year has been compassion, My main practice has been to keep finding ways to bring love and compassion to myself and those whose lives cross mine in the hopes that we may all be somewhat cushioned trough the myriad ups and downs of life- by the only thing that has the capacity to make everything better- love.

A Love we can find within ourselves.
 A Love we can find with our friends and families.
 A Love we can cultivate by choosing it, putting it front and centre in our lives and consciously deciding to bring more and more of it in to all aspects of the every day. 
What other goal is there?!

This to me is the real yoga- and this, right now is the perfect time to practice it!

And while I wish I had a crystal ball right now, that would allow us all to make definite plans I am settling by sharing the intension that if at all possible we will aim to find responsible and healthy ways to be open for Corfu retreats and vacations next year at Mandala Yoga B&B. We feel soooo blessed to have seen so many of you this year despite all the odds. AND you wont believe the new renovations- including our new BIG kitchen, new Laxmi studio accommodation and new olive press yoga shala :)

I feel so grateful that I have gotten to meet so many amazing people (like you) through this 'work'. I am counting my blessings.

2.  I share with you my latest video a version of the Ra Ma Da Sa Mantra - a mantra for global and individual healing :) As ever I hope you enjoy it and I share it from my heart to yours.

3. Charity Mantra lovestream Sun 20th December 11am UK time via Zoom  - See invite below and please donate via or Patreon - 50% of the donations will go to 2 amazing charities (One Tree Planted and Charity Water ) as well as helping us here at Mandala to ride out this very strange year!

Yoga Wellbeing is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Sunday 20th Mantra Lovestream :)
Time: Dec 20, 2020 11:00 AM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 908 422 9712
Passcode: love

I hope this message finds you as well as can possibly be, and that you are finding love in all the ways you need to experience it AND that we can meet in person again one day in the not too distant future :) 

Namaste from all of us at Mandala

    Big Love,
  :) Sacha, Ben, baby Rafael and of course the Mandala dogs/therapists - Gaia and Shanti!

PS. the second part of my NEW 'Bed Yoga!' course is available at my Patreon so check it out if you feel like lazy, sleepy, comforting yoga to be practiced in bed!  - always for the donation of your choice :) 

To support Yoga with Sacha, access special content and monthly live sessions become a Patron at:

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