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Back to Nature!


 Hello lovely people,

How are you?
This week has given me lots of time to go out walking :) 

Me and baby Rafael have taken to the local hills and beaches of Corfu, and as always it has been just so magical to witness all the beauty in nature.
To observe the beauty of nature is to observe the interconnectedness of Life.

'Out there' nothing exists in isolation, and every tree, plant, animal and insect is part of an incredible web of life, supporting life.

Everything has its place as a part of the whole. It is a wonderful reminder that we too are part of that whole! 

Yesterday also marked the Hindu festival of Diwali- a festival celebrating the triumph of light over darkness.  We did a little private kirtan here at Mandala and I am sending out a prayer that the light within all of us reaches its highest and brightest potential :)

So, see this weeks yoga, mantra and meditation calendar below all the sessions are themed around Nature and Diwali.
 Day 1 is a brand NEW mantra video to sing along with at home.

I hope you enjoy!

Click on the links below:

Day 1: Tall Trees, Deep Water Medicine Song
Day 2: Yoga for letting go
Day 3: Crow Pose Strength
Day 4 Ragupati Ragav Raja Ram - Mantra 
Day 5: Yoga for gratitude
Day 6: Sita Ram Kirtan
Day 7: Jai Maa Saraswati Kirtan

I hope you take benefit from these sessions and that these practices help you to reconnect with nature and the light in you- Don't forget to get outside and enjoy the beauty of it all! 

  :) s

 Mantra Lovestream Sun 22nd Nov 11am UK time
email: for more details and/or session links
All welcome! Feel free to share  :) 

PPS. First part of my NEW 'Bed Yoga!' course available at my Patreon along with many other classes - always for the donation of your choice :) 

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