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Going within


Hello beautiful soul, 

        How are you? 

    It has been longer then I wanted since my last little message and video. Life with my now 10-month-old baby is very full- All my other passions are having to fit in around the edges of him!

    In my past I have been a real do-er! I don't know about you, but for me accomplishing things can sometimes be very easy.  It is easy to fill the day with activity, easy to distract myself, easy to keep working and going and filling the day, without truly stopping to question what is the real purpose of all the activity. 

  It has been my practice all these years to learn the patience and presence to sit with the nothingness (and everything-ness) within. I think for most people this is very challenging. 

   I love yoga and mantras as for me these methods provide an enjoyable way (most of the time!) to begin to tread the invisible, and yet highly important path within. 

  The first layer of the path is often the mind-stuff. The settling of the to-do lists, the judgements of things past, present and future. If I can work through this then the next layer is often the emotional world- here I will sometimes notice sadness, anxiety or even joy and other emotions that I had not given myself time to fully feel. After this, there is often a more full awareness of the niggles and itches and fidgets within the body. Then the awareness of the breath slowly becomes more complete. Finally, the connection to the heart can begin and I can welcome brief moments of true meditation amidst the shifting cycles of the practice and the many temptations the mind, body and emotions present.

  Today I share with you a live mantra- recorded and filmed by friend, musician and producer Tex Drieschner.

This week's video link:

 Some of you may have heard my version of Raghupati Ragav Raja Ram before- this is a live recording made in the newly renovated Olive Press Yoga Shala at Mandala Yoga B&B Corfu. 

      Lyrics and translation in the video description 

     I hope this message finds you well and that you enjoy the video.


            :) s

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