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Finding Ways to Relax

(Picture taken at Avlaki Beach - Corfu)
Latest yoga video- a yin yoga practice to help you de-stress:  15 min Yin Yoga Melt

Hello Beautiful Soul,

          How are you today? 
 For me this week has brought with it a gentler flow- Here on beautiful Corfu Island, the lockdown is beginning to lift, bringing with it chances to explore new beaches, get out into the warm, stunning nature, and to reconnect with friends. 

What a huge relief this is- Words cannot express my gratitude that I am able to enjoy this!

 A wonderful online sharing circle with another group of friends brought me windows into many other peoples realities.  This is such a full time right now and all the emotions possible seem to be playing out. Love, Gratitude, Grief, Boredom, Confusion, Overwhelm, Humour, Compassion and so many other emotional states seem to be in and around us all at the moment. I hope that you are finding your way through it all in a way that is bringing you growth and truth. 

Take a moment to consider:
What are you learning in this time?

       What is bringing more love and light into your days? 

                How do you want to look back at this historical moment? 

 In the end, can't all situations be catalysts to making us lighter, more loving and ever more connected to our deepest truths? 

    For many of us, this has been a time of great difficulty. Times of uncertainty and change are usually pretty scary, but the stakes are particularly high in this situation. It has been a stressful time witnessing everything that is happening and none of us is fully immune to the effects of this...

 So what to do?! 

   In times of stress, the first thing we can do is to find ways to relax. When we are stressed our immune system becomes less effective, our brain stops functioning optimally and we cannot see the full range of opportunities available to us. Stress perpetuates stress- relaxation breaks the cycle. I think many of us have found new online avenues for relaxation, with many of the world's best teachers as well as our favourite local teachers bringing things online. This is wonderful and it is in this spirit that I share my latest yoga video- a yin yoga practice to help you de-stress:  15 min Yin Yoga Melt

  I also bring the invitation to make sure that you spend some time off-line: Disconnect your computer, turn off the wifi and the phone- take a walk in nature if you can, go into your garden if you are lucky enough to have one, open a window and take a look at the sky, take some time in silent meditation, or do something as simple as the washing up or hanging the laundry fully mindfully- you may be surprised at just how many ways your senses can be stimulated when you bring your full presence to even the most mundane of things and this my friends is real life happening slowly, and beautifully in real-time. 

   It is incredible that we have the power of the internet in our lives, but what is even more incredible is the fact that each of us reading this is presently alive, in a human body, living in an incredible world, within an incredible universe. I am observing my own electronic device usage in this past week and I'm looking at cutting down the time spent on electronic gadgets! I'm making space to allow time for mindfulness, presence, emotions, and real-life to unfold. Perhaps this is something you are doing too?... Or if not something that might serve you. 

     It is with much love and gratitude that I send you this message today, 
         Look after yourself - mind, body and spirit and keep suing your unique and magical light,

          :) s

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