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We Are All Connected :)

"Everything relies on everything else in the cosmos in order to manifest—whether a star, a cloud, a flower, a tree, or you and me."
-Thich Nhat Hanh

Hello my friend, 
   How are you?

      For me, time seems to be flying by despite the lockdown, and this week has felt a little different... Somewhere deep inside me is a real feeling of hope. A feeling that none of our upheaval, change, grief and/or disruption has been for nothing. A feeling that the whole world can take many lessons from this time; and perhaps we can come out of this with new priorities, new visions and the chance to birth a whole new world based upon what is really important to all of us.

   I feel connected :)  Connected to all of you who bother to read my weekly ramblings(!!!), to those of you who practice yoga and sing mantras with me and to the many, amazing friends old and new that I am blessed to speak with via emails and messages. This time continues to show me that love is such an incredible force and that no-thing can keep us from the boundaryless, limitless power of love... apart from our own minds!

    So this week's video is the mantra Lokah Samasta Sukino Bhavantu- May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and be free.  Sing along if you wish and send a prayer out for the happiness and the freedom of all of us- I think we all could use a bit more love and light right now!  Mantra Video Link Here

  And I also have a very special offer for you... and perhaps you have one for me!?!

  I have uploaded all the special, private content I have ever created:
  • 2x Hatha Yoga Courses
  • 1 x Meditation Course
  • Kirtan Mantra Album Links 
  • 1x NEW Yin Yoga course with deeply restorative hour-long class
  • A private kirtan mantra meditation Livestream next Weds 6pm UK time
  • ...and I will continue to update all other courses, live streams and longer content I make to my Patreon platform- monthly(ish).from now on :)
This all adds up to over 22 videos of exclusive content, normally only accessible for people who buy my offerings individually.... and it is my intension that this library of special content will grow every single month :) 

You can become a patron to access all the above upon the donation of your choice- starting from just £2 , and you can know that while you enjoy all the goodies I can think of to share with you, to support your yoga, meditation or mantra practice, that you are also doing me, Ben and Rafael the great service of helping us ride out these strange times! Click the link below to get involved:

  I hope you enjoy this week's offerings and send you love from my heart to yours.
      :) s


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