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3 Ways to Cultivate Inner Freedom

     This week's Free yoga practise is right HERE for you. 

Hello beautiful soul,
    How are you? 

Another week of this strange life. 
Another week of external restrictions. 
Another week of being at home. 

What does being at home mean anyway?!
 Is it a physical place, an emotional place or even a spiritual one? 

Are you spending this time climbing the walls or digging deep? 

  I find my personal experience of being at home is changing hour by hour! I can say only one thing for sure: External freedom is rather limited for all of us right now, and so I'm following the advice of all the Yogic and Buddhist masters I have ever read and trying my humble best to cultivate some inner freedom

   "Inner freedom is not guided by our efforts; it comes from seeing what is true."
- Gautama Buddha

     Each and every one of us has unlimited potential. So what happens if we turn this potential inward? And rather than chasing the monkey-mind from one external goal to another, we look for ways to find freedom and joy within ourselves. Right now. In this very moment. 

    Here are 3 simple practises to cultivate inner freedom: 

1. Practice Acceptance: 

Before we can come into a place of freedom, we must first come out of resistance.  Fighting with what is, is ultimately futile, so step one must be to make friends with the present moment.
     Can you allow everything in your life to be as it is in this moment? This doesn't mean that you can't change things in the future, but it means accepting the past. Accept that you have done your best, for better or worse. Accept that things are exactly as they are, and allow yourself to see what is true for you right now. From this place you can best decide how you want to go forwards. 

2. Practice Love: 

Love is the highest state we can occupy. All of our actions are subconsciously trying to move us either towards the experiences that we love (or away from the experiences that we fear).  But we don't need to sit around and wait for love to come and find us! It is a verb. We can choose to practice love anytime, anywhere :)  
       Can you be kind to yourself in this moment? Can you treat yourself and others with love today? Can you practise love and gratitude for everything from the food you eat to the wisdom within you?
 Love without limits my friends, if we can all do this then everything changes for the better- immediately. 

3. Practice Yoga and Meditation:

Freedom lies beyond the limits of our minds. Take the time each day to go within, and attempt to focus your mind on something (anything!) with single-pointed awareness. It has been said time and time again by pretty much every luminary since the invention of words! Cut all suffering off right at the roots and practice stilling your mind.  
   Yes, sometimes watching the mind wander around is painful/boring/emotional/(insert own unpleasant adjective here!). But the calm follows the storm. Little by little, through yoga and meditation we can learn to still the mind, enter the fullness of the present moment, transcend the fears from the past and the worries for the future and live in a place of inner freedom. 
     This week's Free yoga practise is right HERE for you. 

      Wishing you many moments of inner freedom in this moment and the days that come. 
         :) s





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