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Yoga, Mantras and Meditation for Unsettling Times

Hello Beautiful People,
    How are you? 
     ....No really- How are you?

 There is no question that these last few days have been unsettling.

   Everybody is being affected by the impact of Corona, and the measures that are being taken to control it. Many people are afraid, many people are deeply stressed. 
  My heart goes out to every single person affected by this (including myself!), and in my heart I feel deep surrender that everything- even this is part of the flow.Everything is an opportunity to surrender, to trust Life,  and to define who each of us want to be in relation to all the things happening

  Do I want to be kind? / Do I want to be selfish?
 Do I want to be afraid? / Do I want to trust? 

  How can I be of most service? 

  How can I learn to let go of fear about the things that I cannot control. 

   The external world seems to be going crazy, so for myself I am finding deep refuge in attending to my daily needs, looking after those who cross my path as best I can, and then returning to the peace within. I recall the words of Shantideva: 

   "If you can solve the problem, then what is the need of worrying?  If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?" 

  Now this is easier said then done! But is something I keep returning to when my stress level begins to rise in response to all this un-settlement, uncertainty and change. 

   What can we do to cultivate moments of inner peace? To help calm ourselves down and fortify us  so that we are able to best make our course through these unsettling times? 

  Perhaps now is a good moment to take a deep breath, and check in with your body. 

  • Take a moment to notice how your physical body is right now, are there any areas that are stiff or tense, can you let go of any of this tension? Can you sit up a little taller? Can you drop your shoulders and relax your jaw?
  • Take a moment to notice any mental patterns that have been emerging in the past day. Are you using your precious mental energy to find solutions to the challenges that are arising for yourself and others? Or is your mind taking you down the tangents of anxiety and fear for the future? Can you bring your awareness back in to the here and now? How are you? Right here right now? 
  • Take a moment to slow your breathing down- especially focusing on long exhalations- See if you can make your out breath longer then your in breath- this activates the parasympathetic nervous system and will help to bring about more calmness regardless of your external situation (...which by the way is a very good thing for your immune system).
  I share with you today's Free Yoga Friday Offering: Durge Jai Jai Ma - Mantra

Part 3: Kali Kapalini Ma One interpretation of the meaning... I honour the strength and courage within my self and within the Universe, I release my ego & all fears, trusting the Universe to bring me the lessons I need, I offer my salutations to strength, courage, and to the endless divine love flowing to and through me

I also share with you some more yoga practises you can do from home:

Yoga for letting go- it features relaxing breathing techniques and a relaxing yin and hatha sequence to help you let go of stress and anxiety:

Yoga for self love:

Yoga for neck and shoulders (as often in times of stress these are tense):
And a 10 min a day yoga challenge to keep your practice going even if just for a few precious minutes a day:

  I wish there was more I could do for the world right now- In the meantime, stay strong, be brave, and keep shining the love that you are.
      :) s


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:) s