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Saraswati Mantra Meditation

Hello Beautiful One, 
How are you?

  This week I am running a yoga retreat and feeling so grateful and happy to be able to share the magic of yoga, mantra singing, meditation and massage with the lovely people who are here.

   So for today's FREE Friday session- I wanted to share another Mantra .  This one is a simple, Saraswati Mantra that you can try to sing along with at home, or play behind your yoga practice or other meditative art.

  Saraswati Mantras are a nurturing and joyful practice that can help us to ignite our sense of creativity. She is the goddess of creativity and also knowledge.
   Maa Mantras also celebrate the themes of Femininity and Motherhood (whether this our own, has a Divine source,  or is simply a practice to recognise the amazing women in our lives)

  I hope you enjoy today's practice and that it supports you on your own creative and spiritual journey.

  Mantra  Video Here:

or Full Kirtan Album available Here:

      Big love and gratitude        :) s


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Hello Beautiful People,
      We have just headed through Spring Equinox and so we are officially on route for more sunshine, more warmth, and more opportunities for cleaning up house both within us and in our outside lives.     This is a great time of year to set intentions and to detoxify your body with healthy eating, cleanses,  and of course yoga!
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Wishing you all the best today,  Namaste!
:) s

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Today's session is a visualisation, meditation that can be practiced on its own (in a chair or seated position), or done lying down in Shavasana (rest pose) after a yoga session.

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