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Shiva Shambo!

Hello there :) 
  How are you?
  This week seems to have flown by!

Visiting family has given many opportunities for having fun and learning this week...  always learning!

   I have been giving lots of thought to how we communicate.

Do we really know what we are saying most of the time?! Do we truly think about how our words effect others before we speak? It seems our speech can tell us very much about who we are and how we want others to see us... I think a blog post or video on the Buddhist practice of Mindful Speaking will come quite soon! 

   So for today's FREE Friday session- I wanted to share another Mantra fro. This one is a simple, traditional Shiva Mantra that you can try to sing along with at home, or play behind your yoga practice or other meditative art. 

  Shiva mantras are supposed to be good at helping us to let go of things that no longer serve us- habits, thought patterns, even un-beneficial possesions or relationships. So you can practice this with an open heart and an intention release anything that doesn't work for your highest good.

  Here is to lightening up a little and getting back in touch with what is real. 

  Mantra  Video Here:

or Full Kirtan Album Here:

      Big love and gratitude        :) s


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Yoga For Spring Time

Hello Beautiful People,
      We have just headed through Spring Equinox and so we are officially on route for more sunshine, more warmth, and more opportunities for cleaning up house both within us and in our outside lives.     This is a great time of year to set intentions and to detoxify your body with healthy eating, cleanses,  and of course yoga!
  Today I would love to share my free Yoga For Spring Time video featuring lots of lovely poses to aid your transition into Spring.
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Wishing you all the best today,  Namaste!
:) s

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Hello Beautiful People!
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  5. What can I do to refresh/re-charge/enjoy my relationships with others?
  6. What can I do to refresh/re-charge/enjoy my relationships with myself?   7. How can I support/nourish/detoxify my body?
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Yoga is about so much more then the physical postures (asana). And while I love the physical health and vitality I have gained from my yoga practice the thing I love most is yoga's ability to affect my mind.

Today's session is a visualisation, meditation that can be practiced on its own (in a chair or seated position), or done lying down in Shavasana (rest pose) after a yoga session.

Click here for: Meditation for Grounding This Meditation is particularly good if you feel stressed, hyper, and just in need of a little grounding energy. It works with the theme of the Root Chakra (Muladhara) and can be a wonderful practice before or after other practices- or done alone for a 15 minute relaxation and re-balancing. Wrap up in something comfy and warm as body temperature often drops during meditation :) I hope you enjoy! Namaste, Sacha