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Kirtan Album Release & Free Bhakti Yoga Practice :)

Hello *|FNAME|*,

How are you?
  It's been a while since I posted something- so it feels very nice to get back into the groove a little today :)

  I am so happy to announce the release of my new yoga music album: Kirtan :) 

   I have had the pleasure of chanting mantras as part of my yoga practice for over 20 years and the songs I am sharing are very much in my heart. 

  There is lots of beautiful Mantra singing happening every day in my life and the power and the importance of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion/ the heart) is entirely present for me right now. 

 To hear the whole album head to  (and click Yoga Music).

For Free Yoga Friday this week I would like to share the first song of the album at the Yoga with Sacha YouTube Channel:
  Mantra's are certainly not something everybody enjoys, they can be tricky, they can show us where some of our judgements and resistance lies and they can help us release some of our 'stuff' ...which lets face it is not always fun. However the upside is that the tool of reciting a mantra or singing devotional music is something that we can find in every culture across history right up to the present day because it can also make us feel sooo good!

   Today's invitation for practice is to take 10 mins out of your busy day to listen to some Yoga Music. The lyrics are listed in the video so for sure you can try to sing along (although easier mantras for that are coming soon..).

  You can also try making a nice cup of herbal tea or glass of water and sit mindfully to just listen- to put down the emails and the to-do list and engage in a short musical meditation with me.

  OR You can even roll out the yoga mat and do a gentle self-led practice for yourself using this music as a backdrop.

  I hope you find a way to practice a little Bhakti yoga today and that you enjoy this offering- it very much comes from my heart. 

         :) s

PS Head over to for all my yoga courses, and to listen to or buy my Kirtan album.



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